Book: “Story on a Plate”

You get thousands and thousands of books with recipes of all sorts but it’s hard to find anything on how to present your food.
I always wondered why there aren’t tons of books avaliable for a topic as important as this.
After all, it’s the eye that makes first contact with the food, not the tongue.
In my opinion the presentation of the food gives the guest an impression on how much the chef values him.
Good food that’s badly presented makes a bad first impression. You know what they say: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.
Some chefs like Thomas Keller handle this topic in their books but mainly for their own specific recipes.
I had been looking for a book that explains the basics of plating, the tools, the processes, etc. for ages until I stumbled over this book.
Published in 2019, it’s rather new. As far as I know this is so far the only book that concentrates only on the topic of plating.
There are chapters on different chefs who explain how they plate their dishes.
For each example they give, they explain in detail why they did it the way it was done.
This helps to understand plating which is an art of its own.
Other chapters deal with the tools that are used for a professional presentation of the food.

There are also chapters on Colour, Texture, Ceramics, Aroma and Shape.
What I find very valuable are step by step examples on how to prepare a plate.
Even simple meals like just some Asparagus can be presented in a very appealing way.

This is the book I’ve always been looking for.
If you’re an ambitious cook, go for it. It doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth every cent.
Highly recommended.