Whenever I go shopping for food, I see people buying fresh herbs.
Using fresh herbs is good idea per se, but why buy them?
First of all, most of these herbs are packed in plastic bags. Even more waste to pollute our oceans.
Next question:
Are they really organic?
Or just some stuff grown in huge plantations, highly fertilised and not really tasty?
I always wonder why people don’t grow their own herbs.
For hundreds of years, herb-gardens were everywhere. People grew their regional herbs or collected them out in the fields.
So why don’t we do that?
Herb-seeds are available in any gardening-store.
You can plant them in pots, see your herbs grow and harvest them whenever you need them. Plus they don’t come any fresher than this.
Also, you can grow seeds that aren’t readily available in your area. For example, you won’t find cilantro everywhere in Europe.
If you grow your own, you’ll always have all the herbs you need.

Which are the basic herbs?

A handful of different herbs will satisfy most of your needs.
If you have limited space, e.g. a balcony or only a windowsill, I would propose to go with the following:

If you have more space, e.g. a garden or some large pots, I would additionally grow the following:

Some of these don’t take frost very well, so you’d want to plant them in pots to take them inside in winter.

Seeds or Seedlings?

Many stores sell herbs as plants which you just need to put into a bigger pot.
So why bother with buying seeds and growing them yourself?
I personally would always go with seeds. This enables me to control every phase of their development.
I can make sure they have the right soil. I don’t use chemical fertilizers. I don’t use pesticides. None of this is possible if I buy seedlings.