Molecular’s Little Helpers: Dosage

When I searched for a comprehensive list of dosage-recommendations for my most important molecular ingredients, I was disappointed to find nothing proper on the web.

Based on my experience, I created my own.
I listed only ingredients that I use myself, the most important being Agar Agar, Xanthan Gum and Lecithin (in that order).
The rest… well, I have them, but I don’t use them that often.
One of them. Methyl Cellulose, I don’t use at all anymore. Basically this is wallpaper glue. Also, it’s used in the adult film-industry for fake… oh well, I leave this to your imagination.
But whatever, it’s something I don’t want in my food. I have listed it because many recipes still contain it. But if possible, you should refrain from using it.

The quantities shown here are always min. -> max. What within this range is right for whatever you’re doing depends on several factors, e.g. how much acid your liquid contains, whether it contains alcohol, etc.
It may take a few tries to achieve a satisfactory result.
My approach is to start in the middle and then go up or down, depending on whether the result is too hard or too soft.

Please note that some of these additives can have side-effects. Even though they have been tested to be fit for human consumption (shown by the ‘E’-Number), the tests were done with certain maximum quantities.
You should keep the quantities you use as low as possible, even if you should find recipes that require high quantities.
I’ve found recipes that go way above the maximum permitted quantity for industrially produced food.
If in doubt, rather don’t do it.
Sticking to the max. quantities shown in the list above should keep you on the safe side but in case of doubt, please check.

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