One for the Road: Building a Travel-Humidor

I travel a lot and far too often I ran out of Cigars somewhere far away without any decent cigar shops in the vicinity.
At that point I decided to build myself a decent travel humidor.
It needed to be sturdy, absolutely airtight and the cigars shouldn’t bump around too much.
I got myself a nice handgun-transportcase and took out most of the foam rubber, leaving just a bit of padding on all sides.

From building my large humidor I still had a lot of Cedro cutoffs left. Perfect for a small humidor like this one.

First of all I built a box that serves as a frame for the complete interior.

I then fitted everything in.
For moisturising I use two large 72% Boveda Pads. As the case is completely airtight these will last a few months before needing to be exchanged.
Also, I drilled holes into all the trays to ensure sufficient air circulation inside the Humidor.
Finally, the hygrometer was built into the lid so you can always see it immediately when you open the humidor.

And now for the really decadent part.
This humidor fits exactly into the cooler-holder on golf carts. So now I can always have my humidor with me on the golf course, perfectly located for easy access.

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