Up in the Air: The Airline Trolley Humidor

I ran across these old airline trolleys the other day and decided I’d buy some. At that time I didn’t have any idea what I could do with them but I saw some potential in them.
They were quite battered and you could see they had been extensively used.
I guess that’s why they went quite cheap.

Some time later I decided I needed another humidor for our second flat in Berlin and I thought that one of these trolleys would do quite nicely.
I removed the door and gace it a thorough cleaning.
To get it airtight I used aquarium-silicone in all edges and corners. Aquarium-silicone has the great advantage that it doesn’t have this vinegar-like odor which would spoil any cigar stored inside that humidor.
The sides of the humidor were covered in white foil, the kind that is used for covering cars in foil.
I found some nice “Pan Am”-stickers which I stuck on all sides.
The door itself was stripped down completely. I sanded it and sprayed it white.

I covered the back wall with 8mm Cedro that was left over from the large humidor I had built some time ago.
I also built in some compartments for small stuff.

I then built trays to fit into the guide rails of the trolley.

If you look closely you’ll see that the side parts of the trays that run in the guide rails go further back than the actual tray itself. I did this so that air can circulate through the humidor.

When completely pushed in they will leave a nice gap to provide a sufficient airflow.

The inside of the doors is also covered in Cedro.

Finally, I reassembled the door and put “Pan Am”-stickers on here as well.

Now it looks nearly like new and is a great eyecatcher in our Berlin-apartment.

For now I have a passive moisturising system in the humidor.

Not really good, I’m looking for something else.
I found some interesting projects on the Web using either an Arduino or Raspberyy Pi to build an intelligent moisturizing system.
I guess that’s something for one of these long, dark winter evenings.

If you’re looking into buying an airline-trolley, check out this website:

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