Plating Tools

To prepare a nice looking plate you need a basic set of tools.

The most important tools are molds of different shapes and sizes.
These help keep the plate tidy. Also, when stacking ingredients, you can use ring molds to define height and structure of your plate.

Squeeze Bottle:
Another very important tool is the squeeze bottle. These come cheap and I always have around half a dozen of them in my kitchen.
You put your sauces into these bottles and apply them onto your plate at the exact spot and in the exact quantity you want them.
Also, you can use them to store a sauce for some time if you don’t need everything for the dish you are preparing at that point in time.

Plating Wedges:
You can see these at the bottom right of the picture.
Plating Wedges are used to smear sauces or other soft ingredients into a desired shape on your plate.

These are needed for placing garnishes or small delicate items.
Tongs come in different shapes and sizes.
I would recommend two different types:
The large 20cm precision tongs
The 20cm Sushi-tongs. These are bent as you can see in the picture. You use these to place delicate items onto your plate and there are already items around the area you are working in.

There are several other tools you can use for plating, e.g. pastry bags, brushes, shavers, etc. For a start though, you should be able to cope with the tools listed above.

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