Book: “Nose To Tail Eating” by Fergus Henderson

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This book was recommended to my by Tommy Hart, the “Masked Chef” (
The author, Fergus Henderson, is the founder and chef of St. John restaurant in London. He was awarded a Michelin Start in 2009.
He does things his own way. He never had a formal training as a cook and he never worked under another chef, so instead of being influenced by other chefs, he actually influences them.
This book “Nose To Tail Eating”, which he published 1999 is a milestone which actually changed cooking. It started the “nose To Tail”-movement which many chefs subscribe to today.
Nowadays, over twenty years after the book was first published, Nose To Tail is a well known slogan. In 1999 though, it was revolutionary. Showing respect to the animal by not killing it for just a few part and leaving the rest of the body to rot was unheard of at the time.
The book contains recipes for preparing many things that were previously regarded as waste and were thrown away. There are several recipes for Duck’s Legs and Necks, Lamb’s Tongues, Hearts and Brains, Pig’s Tails, Tripe and Trotters as well as many other parts of the animal.

It does contain a lot of traditional recipes as well though. Basically, everything you can imagine is covered. True “Nose To Tail”.
The book itself is very matter-of-factly. 233 pages, an introduction absolutely worth reading. Mainly text, few (black and white) photos, one recipe per page, sometimes on two pages, it’s nothing you’d read from start to end but rather an essential book in your library which you consult whenever you want to prepare that special meal.
The recipes are written in an easily comprehensible way. Every step is nicely described and easy to follow with a bit of experience.
That said, it’s not a book for an absolute beginner but rather for the experienced cook who wants to take his cooking to another level and has respect for the animal he’s preparing.
Highly recommended.

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