Unboxing my new Cast Iron Pan

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Today my new cast iron pan was delivered.
I had ordered it from www.diepfanne.com just two days ago, so that was really quick.
What’s special about it is that it’s really heavey and that the handle is easily removable. As I usually cook on a gas-stove, that’s really important for me.
Normal pans don’t have removable handles which means that they always get extremely hot and you can’t touch them without suffering severe burns.
Another special feature is that the handle is actually made of charcoal.
This is treated with an epoxy resin to make it durable.
Looks great, doesn’t it?

It came packed in a sturdy cardboard-box.
Inside there were some other items I had ordered (wooden spoons, some whisks), all packed in paper.
They also added the latest edition of “Slow Food Magazin” free of charge.

The pan itself is packed into a nice, sturdy fabric-bag which I’ll probably use for storing stuff.

Inside the fabric-bag the pan is wrapped in oil-paper to prevent rust.
Some instructions on how to treat the pan before its first use are also included.

The sealed charcoal-handle looks beautiful.
It’s hand-crafted Germany,
Fitting it to the pan is very easy and can be done without actually having to hold the pan itself.
This is definitely a bonus when having to fit it to a hot pan.

If you’re looking into purchasing one of these, check out https://www.diepfanne.com
Besides pots and pans they also have other useful kitchen-accessories in their shop.

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