About Me

Born in Germany in 1964, I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa.
This is possibly the part of the world with the most diverse cuisine, having been influenced by different cultures for hundreds of years.
And this is also where I believe most of my personal culinary preferences come from.

I love fresh fish and seafood.
Whenever I have the chance, I eat oysters by the dozen.
Lobster is one of my favourites, as are prawns.
Fish… I could have fish for every meal. Yellowtail, Blue Marlin, Tuna, Salmon… as you may notice, these all come from the area around the Cape.
Fish must be really fresh though, which makes it hard to really get good fish in most parts of Europe.
A small anecdote from Cape Town may help underline this point.
Some years ago, I was in a restaurant there and asked for a certain dish from the menu. The waiter told me with a slightly disgusted look on his face: “Sir, I can’t recommend that. The fish was caught yesterday and kept on ice over night.”.
This is the attitude Capetonians have on seafood and somehow I share that attitude.

I like meat, specially lamb and beef.
I do eat pork but if I have a choice I will always go for lamb or beef.

When I moved out from home, I moved to the southwest of Germany to an area with a strong French culinary influence.

Later, I moved on to Italy for some time.
There I learned to enjoy Italian food. As I lived in the north of Italy, in Lombardia, this specifically doesn’t include Pizza. Order Pizza in a good restaurant in the north and they will most probably compliment you out.
I like fresh pasta, Saltimbocca, Risotto, Bresaola.

I was also in Mexico for some time, where I learned to enjoy Mexican food
This means real Mexican food. You know what they say: Mexican Food tastes the same everywhere in the world, except for Mexico. 🙂

Then there is the Lowcountry in South Carolina. I worked in Charleston, SC and found the Lowcountry cuisine to be really special (in a positive way).
Oysters, Shrimps and Grits, scallops… lots and lots of seafood paired with traditional dishes.

All this has greatly influenced my taste. When I prepare a meal myself I regularly notice that I compare things I did with regional dishes I ate somewhere in the world.
I try to make the best of everything and sometimes mixing these styles really leads to some positive results.

I’m also a great fan of technology. I try to find new ways of using stuff that I once purchased for other purposes in the kitchen.
Have you ever tried preparing a sauce in an ultrasonic cleaner? You’d be pleasantly surprised! Components that previously didn’t go together will suddenly mix easily and have a very intensive taste.
And there is much more. As this site grows, you will find devices for frothing fruits- and vegetable-juices, vegetable spaghetti-makers, etc.